Shared and modelled writing, takes place within English lessons. This allows the teacher to demonstrate good writing practice to the children while using their ideas. Teachers ensure that the writing demonstrated shows high expectations and covers the success criteria they would expect to see in the children’s writing.

Children are expected to write daily in a range of forms. This may be responses to a text, filling in text feature grids, short writing tasks such as writing as a character or writing a whole story or report as an extended piece of writing.

In the English curriculum, grammar, punctuation and spelling now play a key role in the children’s writing. Across the school, the children have daily dedicated time to be taught spelling and grammar rules. This may be at the start of a writing session or a discrete grammar lesson. Following that, children are given focused spelling or grammar tasks to practise. These skills are referred to during English lessons and children are encouraged to integrate their grammar and spelling learning within their writing.

Early morning sessions provide additional time for children to be taught and practise their weekly spellings and grammar skills.