Admission Arrangements for children transferring from August 2019 onwards and entry in September 2019


Admission Arrangements for children transferring from August 2020 onwards and entry in September 2020


The LA is required to continue to co-ordinate both First Time Admissions, Mid-Year Transfers and Secondary Transfers, which includes applications to Academies, using a common application form.

For further details of the application process, policies and arrangements, oversubscription criteria and appeals code please click on the link below.


Mercenfeld Primary School has adopted the local authority admissions policy in full, including the oversubscription criteria when dealing with 1st time admissions or mid-year transfers and any changes that the Council may adopt in the future except for the following paragraphs:


Legal Position & Other Requirements: Summary


Paragraph 2.8 to be replaced with:

2.8. Mercenfeld Primary School has an Admission Number (AN) that is capped at 50. This means that once the school has filled to 50 children in any year group (in line with its admissions criteria as detailed in the LA policy) all other applications for places will be refused, though parents will have the right to appeal.


First Time Admissions to Mainstream Primary or Infant Schools and Infant to Junior Transfers


Paragraph 4.5 to be replaced with:

4.5 Places will be allocated up to the pupil Admission Number (AN) for Mercenfeld Primary School which is 50 pupils per year group.  


Additional Information


First time admissions/Transfer Application

The Academy will participate in full with the Local Authority’s First Time Admissions/Transfer Co-Ordinating Scheme. This means parents must apply through the Local Authority’s online system or use the common application form, which must be completed submitted or returned by the national closing date. In the case of first time admissions to primary school, this is 15th January 2020, for a school place in September 2020.

Parents are very welcome to visit the school before their children are enrolled and find out more about us. Please do let the School Office know of your intention to visit so that someone can be available to show you round the school and answer any questions.

In the Summer Term, before your child attends this school there will be opportunities for parents to attend an ‘Induction Evening’ and for your child to attend an induction session with their new class teacher.

Transfer to High School

This occurs at the end of the academic year in which your child will be 11 years old (Your child must be 11 before 31st August).

The closing date for application to secondary school is 31st October 2019 for a school place in September 2020.

We try very hard to make the transition from Primary to High School as smooth as possible by working closely with colleagues at secondary schools in the local area. Throughout their time at Mercenfeld, the pupils have a number of opportunities to take part in enrichment activities organised with our local school as well as pre-arranged transition visits and meetings.
In the Summer Term, colleagues from South Charnwood Highschool will meet with our Year 6 teachers to discuss transition arrangements and pupils are given the opportunity to spend two full days at South Charnwood Highschool in the last few weeks of the academic year.

Late applications

Any applications received after the closing date will be accepted but only considered after those received by the closing date. You are therefore encouraged to ensure that your application is submitted on time.
All supplementary information, such as medical letters to prove change of address, remains the parents’ responsibility to supply.

Oversubscription criteria

If the Academy has more applications than places available, the Local Authority will draw up a ranked list based on the criteria determined by the LA oversubscription criteria, outlined in the policy, and inform the Academy accordingly. Children who have a Statement of Educational Needs/Education, Health and Care Plan or who are ‘looked after children’ as defined and who name the Academy will be admitted even if the Academy is full.

Mid-term applications

The Academy has engaged the services of the Local Authority to coordinate mid-term applications. This is because the Local Authority’s online systems operate 24/7 and throughout the school holidays. The online application link is as follows:


Oversubscription waiting list

Parents whose children have been refused a place at the Academy will automatically be added to an over-subscription waiting list, which will remain open until the end of the Autumn term in admission year.

The list is ranked using the priority criteria listed above. It may change, meaning that a child’s position during the year may go ‘up’ or ‘down’. The over-subscription list makes no distinction between on time or late applications.


If your child has been refused a place at the Academy, you have a statutory right of appeal. The Academy has retained the services of the Local Authority with regard to appeals and you can use the Local Authority’s ‘notice of appeal’ in the following link:

The Local Authority will arrange the appeal on behalf of the Academy’s governors to be heard by an independent panel and the decision will be binding on all parties.

Fraudulent information

If a place has been allocated on the basis of fraudulent or intentionally misleading information, the Academy’s governors reserve the right to withdraw the place.

Fair Access Protocol

The Academy will participate in full with the Local Authority’s Fair Access Protocol in order to ensure that the most vulnerable children are offered a place at a suitable school as quickly as possible.


Objections to any aspect of the determined admissions arrangements may be made to the Office of the Schools Adjudicator ( but must be made not later than 15th May.


Admissions Policy 2018 for entry September 2019

Admission Policy 2019 for entry September 2020