Cursive Handwriting

At Mercenfeld, we teach cursive handwriting. In cursive handwriting, the letters all run into one another and the hand runs across the page, never lifting between letters.

Many children struggle to form letters from an early age and this can continue through to Key Stage 2. The benefit of cursive handwriting, is that children will be able to write neatly and more consistently much sooner in their school career. There are many advantages of cursive handwriting, including:

    • Children will always know where to start a letter (always from the line).
    • Ideas for writing will flow much more freely once joined cursive is mastered.
    • Cursive handwriting is Dyslexia friendly.
    • Children learn to join letters very quickly when taught cursive handwriting from an early age.
    • Children can achieve higher assessment marks in KS1 and KS2 teacher assessment frameworks.
    • Handwriting speed improves.
    • Presentation is improved.
Raffaella Biscuso Stylo

Cursive handwriting will begin during Foundation Stage, where children will be learn to form their letters with lead- in –strokes. This will continue into Year 1 and then in year 2, children will be joining all letters. Cursive handwriting will then continue to be perfected during Key Stage 2.