Every child at Mercenfeld Primary School belongs to one of our 4 houses.


1493 points


1462 points


1489 points


1438 points

When your child starts school, they will be put into a house and siblings are put into that same house.
Children who show good behaviour, good attitude to their work and displays of our Route 2 Resiliance super powers are awarded house points.
The children take pride in their house and do their best to earn house points and this contribute to their grand total. These totals will be counted and revealed weekly.

Each house has a house captain and vice captain who are from Year 6.

W/C 9th March 2020

House Point Totals: It was all change around the places this week with every team moving position. Which means the new weekly scores are: Weekly total: First place: Charnwood 192 points Second place: Swithland 187 points Third place: Bosworth 184 points Fourth place: Bradgate 178 points This means the newly updated scores are with only … Continue reading W/C 9th March 2020