At Mercenfeld we believe Physical Activity and Sport is very important. It has been proven that regular exercise has a big impact on a child’s development in many ways such as gaining social skills, working as part of a team, an increase in self-esteem and improvement in health and fitness.

All children at Mercenfeld receive at least two lessons of PE each week. We have worked hard to ensure our PE meets the current curriculum guidelines; however, we haven’t stopped there. We have added extra activities to ensure all children learn key skills needed whilst still having fun. On top of this we have ensured PE lessons are inclusive for children of all abilities. We have also provided professional development to all staff through external and internal courses to ensure all children are receiving high levels of Physical Education. We push hard to ensure lessons are physically active and are beneficial to the health of the children too.

Mercenfeld’s sporting ethos is that physical activity and sport is available to all pupils at our school. We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities to ensure children have the opportunity to be physically active outside of school hours too. These activities are sometimes offered free to our pupil premium children to encourage them to be involved in physical activity.

Sporting Competitions

Here at Mercenfeld we also believe competitive sport is really important in school. We pride ourselves on the success that many of our sports teams have and the staff, students and parents are all very supportive in ensuring competitive sport is thriving at our school. We have had recent successes in athletics, football, basketball, dodgeball, hockey and cricket. Children are also encouraged into competitive sport in our Interhouse sports competitions, where children compete to earn points for their houses in many different sports.

Sport Leaders

At Mercenfeld we also run a sports leader scheme for our year 5s and 6s. There are many important responsibilities when being a sports leader; the running of lunchtime sports sessions to all ages in the school, helping to run events Mercenfeld are organising such as sports days and tournaments, delivering school assemblies outlining the importance of physical activity, linking Mercenfeld with local sports clubs to get children active outside of school, help out with the organisation that is involved in running the school sports teams and presenting ideas on how to improve school sport and physical activity at Mercenfeld.

This year we have formed a very close relationship with local professional basketball team, Leicester Riders. We have been lucky to have some of their coaches come into school, as well as taking children to their home court ‘The Morningside Arena’ to both play and watch basketball. We were specially selected by The Riders to appear in a promotional video for their community projects. This video can be seen below and appears on the British Basketball Youtube channel.

School Games Award

We are so proud to also announce that we have achieved the School Games Platinum Award. This award recognises the fantastic things which happen in our school with regards to sport. This includes our PE curriculum, extra-curricular clubs and external competitions.


  • PE co-ordinator to be responsible for the deliverance of a broad curriculum, which gives children the opportunities to experience a wide range of physical activity.
  • In Key Stage 2, children will be given the opportunity to attend swimming lessons. Any child who cannot swim 25 metres will also attend catch up swimming lessons.
  • Year 5 and 6 children will be provided the opportunity to become ‘Sports Leaders’ and will get training on delivering sporting opportunities for their peers.
  • Children are given opportunities to develop skills, tactics and sporting knowledge within their lessons, but are also given chances to be competitive.
  • All children are given the opportunity to attend a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs.
  • Children are selected to represent the school in external, competitive sport and are given the opportunity to compete at a variety of levels.
  • ‘Twinkl Move’ lessons give the children the opportunity to develop their fundamental physical skills and then to apply these in a wide range of contexts. These lessons are progressive across the entire school and build upon children’s knowledge and skills.


A large majority of children enjoy PE at Mercenfeld and we have a lot of children attend extra-curricular clubs. Children have a very positive attitude towards physical activity and will often play sports at break and lunchtimes.

The extent to which the curriculum is a success can be measured by the engagement in lessons as well as behaviour for learning. The absolute goal is that by the end of Year 6 students are engaged, informed and skilled up to be able to have a lifelong involvement in physical activity and/or sport.

Children are encouraged to progress their physical skills throughout their time at Mercenfeld. (See example below) or click here 

We measure the amount of children who can successfully swim 25m and ensure that we give them the opportunity to achieve this throughout Key Stage 2.

PE Kit

We would highly recommend parents to order this kit as it’s very smart, great value and good quality. All the kit is personalised to help prevent children losing it or getting it muddled up with others. Orders will be delivered directly to the school. Follow the link below to Mercenfeld’s new PE kit that can now be ordered by parents online


If there are any questions or queries you may have about our physical education and school sport then do not hesitate to contact Mr Perkins.

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