School Dinners

All children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 are entitled to free school meals. This is a huge saving to parents/carers and also helps children to try new foods and often try foods with their peers that they won’t eat at home.

We encourage all children in Koala, Toucan, Meerkat and Zebra classes to have hot meals each day. It is also easier for the children as they don’t need help in unwrapping food from packets in their packed lunches. It also saves confusion when children have similar looking lunchboxes.

We are very lucky to have food cooked on site in our school. Many schools  have food transported in, which is obviously cooked significantly in advance and then kept warm.. For Mercenfeld to be able to keep offering this service it is something parents need to make use of. To coin the phrase – use it or lose it!

Most Key Stage 2 pupils choose to continue to have school meals, which are available for £2.50 per day. Payments for meals must be made through ParentPay as we are a cashless school.

The meals are prepared in our own kitchen.
They are healthy and nutritious and there is always a vegetarian option.
Check here for our latest lunchtime menu for children ordering hot dinners.


Please find our menus for the Spring and Summer terms below.

Menu – Week 1

Menu – Week 2

Menu – Week 3

Special Dietary Requirements

If your child has a food allergy or has a diet with specific dietary requirements which a specialist is aware of please let the School Office know.