Parent Forum

Parents Forum:

Mercenfeld School has a Parents Forum who meet twice a term, and has representatives from all the school years.  The purpose of this meeting is to meet with the head teacher and raise, discuss and resolve any issues or concerns that parents have.  To date, the parents forum have:

  • Help ensured that swimming is included as part of the curriculum at some point during a child’s time at Mercenfeld
  • Raised concerns about parking and have shown support for the initiatives introduced
  • Supported continuation of Maths Library along with thinking of new ways for this to be more convenient for all
  • Raised concerns about school meals and worked with the school to make sure these are all addressed
  • Worked to improve communication between the school and parents – including emails, texts
  • Suggested changes to school trip spending money policies
  • Offer of support for all Friends of Mercenfeld fundraising activities
  • Requested a change to the morning arrival procedures to ease congestion around doorways in the school
  • Requested and supported changes to sports day format to make it more competitive especially for the KS2 pupils

If you have any issues you would like discussed, you can speak to your Parents forum representative.

If you have anything you would like to be added to the agenda, please leave a message at the school office for the forum, or see one of the reps in the playground before or after school.

We are keen to ensure that parents/carers of every age group within the school is represented, so if you could spare an hour on a Friday morning, twice per term and would like to join the forum, do get in touch.

Parents’ Forum Chair.

Clare Mills

Parents’ Forum Members:

Clare Mills, Nirmala Kuhnbaum, Suzanne Rafelt, Martha Hardy, Ellen Hetaj, Natalie Tomlinson, Sally Collins